Post 1503 will resume BINGO on July 14, 2020. We would like to thank those that are returning to BINGO during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will be many changes that need to be put forward. The changes noted below are initial changes and may need to be refined and or added to as we move through this new adventure.

Post 1503 has increased the initial cost of BINGO Admission pack from $10.00 to $20.00. This increase is due to the limited seating of patrons in the hall in order to maintain the current BINGO payouts.

During the BINGO Sessions. All patrons will be required to wear mask and or face shields (PPE) while playing. PPE may be removed to eat or drink. Patrons without face masks or face shield on not eating or drinking will be asked to wear face masks or face shield.

  • No patrons will enter the BINGO Hall prior to 5:30pm. This is to maintain the integrity of the hall.
  • All patrons will enter the facility through the doors located across from the pavilion only.
  • Prior to entrance to the hall, all patrons will proceed through the Temperature Screening Station. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 and above will not be allowed to enter the hall and will be asked to depart the facility.
  • The post has redesigned the BINGO hall layout. As per guidance, only two people per table
  • Patrons will not move chairs to increase the seating or change the seating distance around the tables. If assistance is needed, talk to the BINGO Manager
  • The facility kitchen will be closed during the BINGO session. All patrons may bring food into the BINGO hall.
  • Outside food Delivery to the BINGO hall is prohibited.
  • Patrons requiring to depart the BINGO Hall will be required to take their BINGO Session Admission slip with them for re-entrance to the BINGO Hall.
  • Patrons will utilize the restrooms located in the hallway just outside the BINGO hall. Those failing to have their BINGO Session Admission slip upon re-entry will be required to check back in at the Temperature Screening Station and be checked again.
  • Patrons wishing to use the post ATM will request the assistance of a BINGO Worker assigned to provide access to the area of the post.