- 6/19/2020

Comrades and Auxiliary of Post 1503, Here is a little clarification of what was discussed in the general membership meeting on Wednesday, in reference to the Phase II & III entry rules.

Members are referred to as Comrades and or Auxiliary and those with door cards.

PHASE II - Comrade & Auxiliary Members are allowed to bring non member spouse/partner as was suggested. Spouse's / Partners without door cards and who are NOT members may not come into the canteen without member. No guests allowed, due to the 50 people limit during phase II.

PHASE III - Same rule applies as the 50 person limit. If limits are raised to 100 or more, then the Post management and leadership would consider modifying the rule to allow immediate family members to also come in.
Under both phases, if the capacity reaches the maximum limit, the first people to be asked to leave would be the Non-members. This is a very difficult issue that we are dealing with and it is not pleasant. Please bare with us as we all get through this together.

Thanks for understanding
Post Leadership & Management.