- 6/12/2020

Post-1503 reopening During Phase II
June 15th, 2020

Now that we are authorized to open, the health and safety of our members and staff will be our number ONE priority. We ask all of you to ensure these temporary guidelines are followed.  
The following are the operating guidelines for Post 1503 re-opening. 

No chips accepted as payment (for the time being)
No tipping the bar staff.
Occupancy is restricted to 50 patrons in the building.   
Only VFW members allowed in the building. No guests.
Temperature checks will be conducted at the Canteen entrance for all Members and Staff.
Members must enter and exit the Post from the double doors by the ATM. 
The social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained and the wearing of face masks is required at all times for members and employees. (Exception for drinking and eating) 
There will be NO bar seating, standing, or leaning against the bar.
The floor will be marked to maintain 6ft distances in the service line.
Plastic cups and utensils will be used. Each member is responsible for the disposal of their items.
Condiments are available on request.

All tables and gaming machines will follow social distancing guidelines (6 feet distance).
No joining together of tables and chairs. 
Tables and gaming machines will be sanitized after each member leaves or within 30 minutes. 
Tables are restricted to four persons only.
Hand sanitizers will be placed in different locations. Members and employees are encouraged to use this sanitizer during their visit.
Only the canteen bathrooms plus the CO-ED bathroom will be open.
Only employees are allowed behind the bar or in the kitchen.
Water fountains will be cordoned off.
We recommend members and staff stay home if feeling unwell.
Once we reach a building capacity of 50 all members will be subject to a 2-hour limit.
Headcount will be taken periodically by staff 
There will be NO congregating in the Parking Lot
The Pavilion is off limits
No Saturday or Sunday breakfast will be served until further notice
This is a learning curve for all of us, things will change as we enter various phases. We appreciate your cooperation.

Thomas Williams Jr
Commander Post 1503
John Meehan
Facility Manager